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8/16/99: Washington Post on antique software. "Many people would argue the tug is more than emotional. Some of these old-timers are essential tools for opening old data files. And many of them seem better than today's multi-featured applications, which are powerful but overextended pieces of programming that always do far more than the task you bought them for. They take up huge amounts of disk space and memory."

8/15/99: London Times: VisiCalc is how programs ought to be. "Dave Winer, another of Bricklin's peers, has a growing site covering historic software at He was one of those responsible for More, a superb word processor, outliner and presentation package for the Macintosh. You can download More 3.0 from Winer's site and it still runs on many Apple machines. Had the developers focused on producing More for Windows, I suspect it would still be around."

8/4/99: TechWeb: Classic Software is Reborn on the Web. "A handful of the pioneering developers of groundbreaking applications, such as VisiCalc, Turbo Pascal and C, ThinkTank, Ready! and MORE, are posting original versions that can be downloaded for free."

8/2/99; San Jose Mercury-News: Software pioneers posting their early works on the Web. "What happened to outliners? They're now part of everything else, in presentation, word-processing, spreadsheet and all kinds of other software. But some of the best features of those early outliners never made it into newer products, Winer says. Maybe the availability of the older programs will inspire today's generation of programmers to try out some old ideas and make them new again -- ``or just learn from them,'' Winer says."

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