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MORE 1.1c, 8/2/87

MORE 1.1c was released on August 2, 1987

"The C stands for Color!"

After giving it some thought, I decided MORE 1.1c was the best app to start with.

It's right in the middle of the Living Videotext outliner family. Before it came the early Mac outliners, ThinkTank 128 and 512, and before that the Apple II, IIe, Apple III and MS-DOS products, which were very similar, except for differences in the underlying operating systems and user interfaces. We'll get releases of the earlier products out thru this website as soon as possible.

Later products, MORE 2 and MORE 3, added major features, such as a virtual storage system, rules-based formatting, more complete presentation features, and multi-line headlines. But what was added in richness was traded against some of the simplicity of 1.1c, which many people remember as being more complete than it actually was (I certainly am guilty of that!). If you liked MORE 1.1c, you would really like MORE 3.1, in my humble opinion. It's interesting that viewed in the context of 1999, none of these products are really all that complex. Things have changed!

Note that the Read Me file is not the original file that came with the app. I don't have the original shipping disks for MORE 1.1c, but it didn't use an installer, and the app is perfectly usable standalone. Later versions did use an installer, but all thru its life MORE was an easy program to copy onto a floppy, only specialized parts for graphics in later versions used anything in the Mac System Folder. This was one of the nicest things about MORE.

The download is very small, only 233K. The app seems to run reasonably well on a Mac running System 7.5.5. There are a few errors, I've noted the ones I saw in the Read Me file, which is included in the download.


Please read this carefully before you download any software from this website.

You may not call Symantec for support or information about these programs. There is absolutely no support available for this software.

At any time Symantec can tell us to discontinue distributing the software thru this website. That makes the red text even more important. They are being very generous. If you call them and ask for support or complain about upgrades, or tell them they have done something bad, they can and should discontinue this. So please don't be selfish and spoil it for everyone else.

The same goes for UserLand, and me personally. Only notes of gratitude or memories about the good old days will be accepted. Thanks for listening.

more11c.sit.hqx (233K)

The team

The development team that did MORE 1.1c was led by Peter Winer, and included Doug Baron, Bob Bierman and myself. The product manager was Alice Lankester. The manual was written by Ron Kirchem.

From the credits page of the manual, thanks to Bernie DeKoven, Jean-Louis Gassee, Casey Green, Betty Guernsey, Guy Kawasaki, Rudy Kiesler, Scott Love, Will Tompkins, Michael Walsh and Del Yocam.

This was the last LVT product release that I worked on.

Dave Winer, 8/1/99

Screen Shots

Outliner screen shot #1.

Outliner screen shot #2.

Bullet chart screen shot.

Tree chart screen shot.


Box: front, back.

Refcard: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5,

Disk set.

Product shot. (front)

Product shot. (rear)


MacUser (1986): Product of the Year.

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