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MORE 3.0, 8/20/90

MORE 3.0 was released on August 20, 1990

All the other outliners were love affairs that were over quickly. On to the next thing. A new platform, a new way to sneak into memory with other apps, try out a graphic platform, try again, then again.

MORE 3.0 was different. I used it for seven years. I wrote product plans, specifications, essays and love letters in MORE 3.0. Along with Think C, Frontier and Eudora it was one of my primary apps.

As part of the preparation for this re-release, I scanned my Macintosh hard disk for all files of type MOR3. Over three hundred files and some of them were huge and long-lived. When I switched to using Windows NT as my primary platform, in late 1997, the software I missed the most was MORE 3. This is a sentiment expressed by many MORE users. And it's testimony to Doug Baron, Brad Pettit, Robert Ulrich and Steve Zellers who took my rough ideas and patiently crafted a full-featured product around them.

The full release

For MORE 3, I have the full release, including all the sample files, and adjunct apps. I never used any of them, but they're here. There was an Installer for MORE 3, but that I don't have. Unlike some people, I used MORE for presentations, esp when I was raising money for UserLand in the early 90s. The tree chart view in MORE provided the inspiration for the color outline browser in Clay Basket, 1995.


Mac users complained mightily about the Rules dialog, picture at right, they thought it was too complicated, but I thought it was an elegant and optional power user feature that really took advantage of the fact that your text was being managed in an outliner.

You could say that all level 2 headlines are boldface, relative to the headline you're pointing on. It was an interactive interface on cascading style sheets, years before cascading style sheets were invented.

A writing tool

MORE could also be used as a word processor. I wrote all the DaveNets thru late 1997 in MORE. Being able to move whole sections around with a single mouse gesture was crucial. And being able to collapse items to get a better view was nice too.

Outlining has been a constant theme in DaveNet. Here's a search for the term outliner in the DaveNet website. 62 matches!


Please read this carefully before you download any software from this website.

You may not call Symantec for support or information about these programs. There is absolutely no support available for this software.

At any time Symantec can tell us to discontinue distributing the software thru this website. That makes the red text even more important. They are being very generous. If you call them and ask for support or complain about upgrades, or tell them they have done something bad, they can and should discontinue this. So please don't be selfish and spoil it for everyone else.

The same goes for UserLand, and me personally. Only notes of gratitude or memories about the good old days will be accepted. Thanks for listening.

more30.sit.hqx (1755K)

Screen Shots

Untitled window.

Outliner screen shot #1.

Outliner screen shot #2.

Outliner screen shot #3.

Outliner screen shot #4.

Rules dialog.

Slide show.

Bullet chart screen shot.

Tree chart screen shot.

Library browser.

Gather dialog.

Calendar dialog.


Brad Pettit's MORE2Text translator. Brad was on the MORE team, versions 2 and 3.

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